Tunbridge Wells adopts Barbour Logic Response Master letter writing software

Parking Review: 27th February 2014

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is now using Barbour Logic’s parking correspondence system Response Master to generate consistent letters to the public.

Tunbridge Wells is the third Kent local authority to adopt the letter writing software, which is also used in Sevenoaks and Ashford.

Tunbridge Wells’ parking manager Rosemarie Bennett said that when she heard positive reviews of Response Master from her colleagues in neighbouring authorities she requested a demonstration.

Having been impressed by the letters the system generated, the council subscribed to Response Master in mid-December 2013.

“Resonse Master generates consistently correct decisions and letters based on the council’s stored policy settings, in a very professional, succinct and plain-English style that this council likes,” said?Bennett. “It has helped us improve customer response times in just one month, with minimal training needed.”

Because the process of generating a response has been made more efficient, the software is credited with freeing up back office staff time. “It offers a very effective and efficient method of working and has allowed us to also deploy these staff in other areas of parking services, giving us greater resilience,” said Bennett.