Increases inclusivity

22% of adults are in digital poverty – they don’t have the digital skills to get PCN help online. They need a PCN helpline. As do the 16% with low literacy skills. But councils and operators are too short-staffed to handle complex and lengthy PCN calls. Voice Master changes all that.

Improves customer experience

Available 24/7 with no wait time, motorists simply call Voice Master, a digital agent who knows parking and your policies inside out. For the caller, it’s like talking to a helpful human expert – and getting tailored PCN advice. Advice that enables each caller to decide what to do next. (And if you like, Voice Master can write the caller’s challenge for them too, texting it to their mobile phone.)

Transforms efficiency and quality

Voice Master frees up your staff from PCN calls which are complex, time-consuming and sometimes abusive. And as costs come down, service quality goes up. Whereas human staff usually give general advice to keep calls short and avoid abuse, Voice Master has in-depth conversations and gives each caller tailored advice. With 24/7 convenience and no wait time.